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After saying this, Tang San stepped towards the counter. Fortunately, the battle between him and Dai Mubai did not last too long. After Dai Mubai used the White Tiger King Kong Transformation, he did not attack with full force. Otherwise, this The Rose Hotel will not be as simple as damaging some decorations in the lobby. Xiao Wu watched Tang San walk towards the counter, lowered her head, and muttered what he had said before, "Fight with death. For dignity." The manager Wang poked his head out from behind the counter. Seeing Tang San walk over, he quickly showed a smiling face, "Young man, you are so amazing. Even Shao Dai is willing to give you the room. Fortunately, you haven't received anything. Damage, otherwise we won’t be able to explain it.” The mess in Tang San’s hall said with a wry smile: “Manager, how much does it cost to repair this place?” Manager Wang shook his head quickly and said, “No, no, it’s nothing to do with you. Dai As I said before, these are all his. He is our VIP customer here, and he only needs to open the account. I was really embarrassed before, because I missed two of them and almost caused harm to both of them. I decided to do it for the two.