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The rent for three days is exempted. If the two stay with us for less than three days, there is no need to pay."While talking, he handed a brilliant golden key to Tang San's hand, with a full smile on his face. Tang San was stunned for a moment. The loss of the hotel was nothing to him. Dai Mubai was obviously a rich man, but he was a little embarrassed about the room rate reduction. After all, he also had a share for destroying the lobby. "How embarrassing it is. Let's pay according to the price." Manager Wang hurriedly shook his head and said: "How can it be, it has caused a lot of trouble for both of you. In the future, as long as the two of you have time to visit our shop more, it will be the biggest thing for us. It helped. The two's room is on the top floor, and the number is Red Ocean."Tang San nodded helplessly, and said, "Thank you then." After some twists and turns, Tang San also felt a little tired, and turned around and walked upstairs with Xiao Wu. All the way to Soto City, he had another fight with Dai Mubai. Whether it was mental pressure or exhaustion of internal strength, he needed a rest.