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Day-day prostitution, or good people? What about evil eyes white tiger, I think it’s almost the same "Tang San frowned, "Xiao Wu, I find you understand more and more."Xiao Wu didn't see the slightest dissatisfaction in Tang San's eyes. Instead, she said triumphantly: "That is, don't forget, I am the boss of Notting College students." Tang San said helplessly, shook his head, "Dai Mubai's I don’t comment on personal preferences. But from the battle with him just now, he is good in all aspects. His strength is above us, but he is not bullying. Not only did he give up the room to us, he meant it before leaving. It seems to take care of us in the college."Xiao Wu said puzzledly: "By the way, what he kept saying just now that we are twelve years old, he is fifteen years old, and what does he mean by saying he has lost?" Tang San said, "He is using martial arts. The soul previously said that he had lost, one is because I beat him technically, and the other, it should be because of our age. Later, after we all used Wuhun, he repeated the same words and emphasized the age. Gap.