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After all, the destruction of Lan Yincao several times by Dai Mubai did a lot of his internal strength. Seeing the two upstairs, Manager Wang was relieved and murmured: "It's finally solved."Turning to look at the innocent-looking waiter next to him, he sighed, and said, "I blame me, I forgot to tell you. The other rooms are okay, but the Red Ocean can’t be accommodated by others. It’s a package.” The waiter said: “Experience, our Red Ocean’s room rate for a day is ten Gold Soul Coins, so you let the two children live for nothing? The young people are really open now, only 12, Three years old, unexpectedly" "Stop talking nonsense, be careful of misfortunes from your mouth." Manager Wang said slightly angrily: "What do you know, what a noble existence is a soul master, you didn't see that the two children just now had two Is it a spirit ring? You are already a great spirit master at such a young age, and your future is boundless. Maybe it is the offspring of a big family, but we didn't offend it."The decoration of the Rose Hotel makes it easy to have a good impression.