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"My White Tiger King Kong Transformation can last for half an hour to transform. During this half an hour, my resistance to abnormal conditions, as well as attack, defense, and strength, doubles at the same time. With me thirty-seven Level of soul power, under the effect of this increase, your toxins are not enough to harm me. Even if your soul skills are exquisite and the effect of controlling martial arts is good, it is not my opponent after all. This is the power. Absolutely." Dai Mubai's evil eyes flashed red, and suddenly, his strong muscles slowly contracted, and the red light in his eyes also quietly dispersed. Everything on his body was quietly recovered because of the effects of the White Tiger Martial Spirit possessing his body.Dai Mubai looked a little funny at this time, the clothes on her body were not intact, the top was completely stretched out, and the pants were badly damaged. He was entangled with the spiked blue silver grass before and cut him. A lot of clothes. Evil Eyes returned to normal, Dai Mubai took a deep look at Tang San and Xiao Wu, "I think we will meet again soon. At Shrek Academy, if anyone makes trouble with you, report me Evil Eyes White Tiger Wearing Mubai's name."