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If I guess right, when he was twelve years old, his strength should not be as good as ours now, so he said that he had lost. The teacher once said that the talented soul master, before the age of twenty, every Years are very important. A difference of one year will result in a big difference in cultivation level. We have a three-year gap with him, but the difference in strength is not as big as his age, so he thinks he has lost, and this is where he can win. "Xiao Wu put away her Martial Spirit and turned, and suddenly whispered: "Brother, if he really defeated you just now, are we really going to get out?" She hasn't forgotten Dai Mubai's arrogant words before. Tang San said indifferently: "Even if it's going to roll, it's just me. That's why I didn't let you take action. He was right. There is a spirit ring difference, and the difference in strength is huge. Whether it is soul power or soul The attributes that the ring confers or the skills of his thousand-year spirit ring are above us. After using the White Tiger King Kong Transformation, even if the two of us join hands, it may not be his opponent. Do I really watch you get out? If he insists on doing that, then I will be cured and fight to death. In terms of strength, I am not as good as him, but if he works hard, I am 70% sure to let him die with me."